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Remote recording, by way of ftp sites, is a fantastic way to collaborate with artists from anywhere in the world. Here's how it can work:

1) The artist uploads tracks to an ftp site. (Include as much or little direction and suggestion as you wish).

2) I book the engineer and the studio, according to the demands of the given project and/or budget. (Fortunately, Vancouver has some of the finest recording studios and engineers in the world, and with very competitive rates).

3) We track a few options for each song, and load the files back on the site.

Recently, I played drums on Adrienne Pierce's upcoming third full length release, 'Oh Deer'. Working with Elisa Pangsaeng (enineer/producer) we were able to get some great sounding parts, and send them back to Adrienne in LA, where she, and co-producer, Ari Shine, were working on the rest. The record has now been mixed by Dan Burns in LA, and by all accounts the remote session was a huge success.

   photo by christoph prevost