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The Never Surprise - EponymousMike Edel - 'The Last of Our Mountains'Nadia Von Hahn -'Wait and See What Happens'Hannah Georgas - 'This is Good'Adrienne Pierce - 'Oh Deer'Rick Waines - Imperfect ManKelly Rowland - Miss Kelly Deluxe EditionMarcy Playground - Leaving Wonderland in a Fit of RageIssa - Dragon DreamsKaylee Johnston - 'Streetlight'Fariba - 'Horizont'Crystal Cote - 'L.O.V.E'Adrienne Pierce - Small FiresSoundtrack - Veronica MarsLily Frost - LunamariumChrista CoutureWinston - LimitedNat Jay - Lights Across the SkyStephen Hedley - ScenesAmanda Rheaume - Kiss Me BackMotion Soundtrack - The BridgeWanting - 'Love I Am'The Painted Birds - So Much for the RainMotion Soundtrack - Nine Days WonderJustine Bennett - InvisibleEileen Rothe - Dream GirlHannah Georgas - The Beat StuffDavid Blair - Things Left UnsaidChrista Couture - The Wedding Singer & the  UndertakerAndrew Allen - EPSoundtrack - Crazy BeautifulSouls in Rythm - 'Funklore'Ryan McMahon - 'Weeks Months Years'Christmas Songs CompilationJoe Cameron - 'VanCity'Marnie Mains - 'Marnie Mains'Adrienne Pierce - 'Hors D'Oeuvres' width=Going the Distance SoundtrackJennifer Lauren - 'Passing Perceptions'



 studio drumming


float jukebox

Here are some tracks from records I've had the pleasure of playing on in recent years.

They vary in style, production aesthetic, and artistic vision. Some were done in home studios, and some in commercial studios. Thanks to the artists for permission to stream these songs.